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wild on the beach at lovely lorne victoria australia

Welcome to our world.

The Wild on the Beach store is located opposite the Erskine River Footbridge amongst a small clump of shops that still retain the authentic facades of Lorne’s past. It’s a charming area and catches all the morning sun, and is just the place for coffee, tea and eats. We’d love to see you - come in and browse our collection of eclectic and vintage themed gifts - everything from beach and pop vibes, to very cool stuff for your beach pad.

We specialize in original poster art whether its beach party, surf movie or travel posters.

Although it’s possible to source bootlegs and repros, it’s something we only do when all our network fails - if the only way we can source a title is with a repro, then we’ll make it clear on purchase.

Our stock is sourced by our team of ex-beachcombers, castaways and kelp haired surfies and hodads. The most well known of them is Curtis Del Mar and his sometime partner Deborah. When Curtis isn’t combing the beaches looking for flotsam and driftwood, he writes for a number of magazines, and when he isn’t doing that, he and Deborah are scouring the globe for the latest funky beach themed gifts...we can’t wait to see what his latest trip will bring home.